Friday, 10 February 2017

8 Tips to reduce cholesterol level

Tips to reduce cholesterol level Ask that everyone comes anger. Today, various health disorders contribute to the increase of fat. In particular, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack, to increase the amount of cholesterol is the primary reason. What is cholesterol, it's dangerous, we asked how to locate that specializes in treating heart disease. 'Today' Cholesterol 'mention of the name, something that is seen as the biggest risk . In fact, cholesterol problem. Itcarry the cells of our body produce certain hormones essential cholesterol. Total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL. Cholesterol, subdivided into triglycerides . HDL good fatness among urban Indians. 35 mg is the lowest level of "the cholesterol detection system, and a list of how to prevent. Simple ways to control cholesterol Reducing excess weight, taking healthy foods, we make small changes in lifestyle such as exercising, controlling cholesterol levels. 1. Know cholesterol levels The amount of cholesterol that knows how to control it as much as possible to schedule. So, at least once in six months, cholesterol levels in the blood should be tested first. Increased bad cholesterol in the body to prevent or to raise good cholesterol, helps test results. 2. Selection of good cholesterol What we ate, it could cause a direct impact on the admission of fat in our body. Fiber and nutriment, can help reduce cholesterol levels. Saturated fat (saturated fat) and trans fat (fat will change), which increases the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Saturate more than 10 percent of the daily diet without fat and trans fat should take . The olive, peanut oil is high. Almonds, walnuts give the fat health. 3. Avoiding Trans Fat This is the bad cholesterol. Snacks, processed foods is at the highest level. Increase the bad cholesterol in the body and reduces the amount of good cholesterol. So, when buying food items, as well as "trans fat" if that reject it. 4. Restrict the use of cholesterol 300 mg per day for the elderly, The amount of fat needed. 200 mg in patients with heart Sufficient. Egg yolk, liver, and brain of animals, such as meat, dairy products, fat from the high level of availability of high-fat food to reduce the fine. 5. The daily demand for crude fiber At least five to 10 grams of dietary fiber and nutrients as needed. Cabbage, zucchini, radish, fiber and nutrient-rich vegetables such as beans, should be taken daily. Up to five percent of the increase, which is to reduce cholesterol. Every day, enough fiber and take meals, at least now have to recruit in large quantities of vegetables in the diet. 6. The low-level non-vegetarian food "Red meat" is more than the amount of fat in beef. Avoiding spicy meat as well fish dish and add a higher level of response. Not only for heart patients, and others adding to the diet to reduce egg. 7. Seafood omega-3 fatty acid in fish containing higher concentrations, it also helps to reduce bad cholesterol. The two-week, three times the amount of fish meal by taking help reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride. 8. Whole Grains Essential in the daily diet should be added. This is the highest level of vitamin and mineral.