Saturday, 11 February 2017

6 steps to get healthy life in above 60 years

* A load power * Most retirement home after the breakup of the authority in its sequel lost task-oriented. But think well, one can understand what a burden it is ... power. Therefore, the rest of the time left to really enjoy life a man must first understand that the survival period. The next thing to work on days with opportunities to care for our body and mind work to occupy healthy life. However, the rest of the time it gives ourselves. * The need to control * Stable eating balanced diet and make sure the food is concerned. When you come to the office in a hurried meal by taking fastly Those who, after retirement like to eat a lot of time to cook as variety foods. But, in this age digestive power is low, you need to take not only easy to digest foods Max. Normally, for men to work from 2225 calories to 2500 calories needed. But retired from work after the 1800 and 2000 calories sufficient. Similarly, from 1875 to 2000 calories for women and may require up to work. After retirement from 1600 to 1800 calories (for women than men because of some additional jobs) may be required. Eat well, chewing food in the stomach to decrease the value of work. Sweet, alkali, salt, spices, rich foods reduce. If you have any disease risk, and create your meal accordingly. * Test results * Most diseases are hard to know to take more days. so suddenly exposed to the outside. So, once a year is good for the whole body examination. What are suffering from diseases, which are diseases that are likely to before chosen, according to the customs and way of life for us to be comfortable with change. Had to change habits * * For many years, some people have a habit of smoking, alcohol use may be a habit, or both. This habits be affected by a series of different body organs. If they continue at this age increases the amount of damage, lead to many problems can not be cured. * The best natural medicine * Stress is a common one for everyone. But, it will be little more than the old-year-olds. By such simple things to teach children effective with your time. Yoga, meditation, etc. to keep the mind relax. * Finance * will give peace of mind Spend time with the economy and contributes to a peaceful old age. So, while you are working alone to save for retirement. Thus, you do not need to be dependent on others and get the confidence. Beg to those at home for emergency medical expenses the amount you will be able to use!